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Websites are our Business

WebSmart is all about websites, design and online marketing.  We want to help you get results online in the most direct and affordable way.

The shift from conventional marketing to the internet has been happening for years and the rapid uptake of smartphones has only increased the pace.  Many people now search for services on-line rather than picking up the telephone directory.

An on-line presence matters today and will become increasingly important in the future.  Yet there are heaps of New Zealand businesses and other organisations who are either not on the internet or not using on-line opportunites effectively.

There are barriers preventing people getting the best from the internet. At WebSmart we want to help you overcome them.

mick buckley avatarMick Buckley – web developer

Mick has been working in the computer industry for over thirty years. He started his career in the UK as a computer researcher, in expert systems, and as a systems programmer for parallel processing computers.  He went on to create software for City of London financial institutions and for a large internet infrastucture manufacturer.  Since moving to New Zealand in 2002 he has concentrated on building software for the web.

Helen BeranHelen Beran – Print and Web Designer

Helen began her visual design career working as an illustrator and visual artist in London with illustrative work featured in Graphics International Magazine and commissioned by New Law Journal and FX Design Magazine. On moving to New Zealand she brought her illustrative and visual design skills to the field of graphic design, gaining considerable experience with a broad range of projects, including logo design, branding, brochures, annual reports, exhibition displays and advertising campaigns.


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