Add fresh news, photos or product information

Websites that are regularly updated with relevant information are noticed by Google and given increased page ranking. As we know ourselves, it is not easy find the time to keep your website up to date, but it is an important part of your marketing because it boosts your ranking in search engines like Google, so more people will find your website and it makes your website worth re-visiting.

Find a way that suits you and your business

Here are some different ways of keeping your website updated with examples from some of our wonderful Northland clients. To view more of our clients websites, have a look at the WebSmart portfolio page.

Add to your blog

These are a great way to generate interest in your website.

The Emerging insights blog on Emerge Supervision is full of great advice from Jill Secker, a professional supervisor.

McQuinn Pumps keep their news blog up to date with friendly news about their business and water management products.


Awards give a great opportunity to update your website – so as soon as you get one celebrate the fact by putting it on your website like Grinning Gecko Cheese Company.

Special interests

If cooking or nutrition is part of your business then you can add your most requested recipes to your website.

Claire Pearson from Bream Head Coast Walks has her own recipe blog – Claire’s Recipes.

Jo Woollacott from WHY Retreat adds her recipes to her Yoga news blog.

Special offers

Add a special offer. Google will notice even a simple text change – like the WINTER SPECIAL added to the Ara Roa homepage.

Homepage hero image

Update your hero image on your homepage. Bulbs Direct regularly update the text and image on their hero slider with each gardening season.

If you have a WebSmart website, remember to use your free 30 mins of our time that we offer you each month. During this time we can change images or text for you on your website or help you learn how to do it yourself with the Content Management System (CMS) that we gave you with your website.