One of our key business aims is to give people the power to update their own websites using a Content Management system (CMS). Here are 4 reasons for this …


You don’t have to pay every time you want to add/change/delete a sentence or image on your website.


We think that if people can take active ownership over their website then the site is more likely to stay vibrant and alive. The business can instantly upload new products, knowledge, information and ideas from their area of business straight onto their website.


It is fun monitoring results and updating your own website, and keeps you in touch with the needs of your business and customers.


It is also good for us, as we are part of the team effort that has produced the site. A website that is alive and current and providing relevant information for their customers is also good for our business. We continue to offer support and advice to help keep the website vibrant and offer up to half an hour of our time per month for help with alterations, CMS guidance and suggestions for SEO.