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Poli Payments in Woocommerce 2.6

*** Update November 2016 ***

I have been contacted by the development team at Poli Payments who tell me a new Woocommerce plugin is on the way. Keep your eye on their website, I guess.

*** *** ***

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Keep your website fresh

Remember to add fresh news, photos or product information to your website. Websites that are regularly updated with relevant information are noticed by Google and given increased page ranking. Here are some different ways to keep your website fresh and up to date…

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Changes to NZ domain names

Attention website owners! Is this you If you are in New Zealand and own a website there's a fair chance it ends in .nz.  If that's you there's something you need to know.  On 30th September 2014 the domain name rules are changing and a whole lot of new domain names...

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What is a responsive website?

A responsive website is designed to adjust its layout to the device it is being viewed on. The result is fast and easy reading and navigation on a wide range of devices (from desktop to mobile phones). Non-responsive design means alot of resizing, panning and...

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Searching custom posts and metadata with WordPress

Most of the time Wordpress makes it pretty easy to do things.  And if you get stuck a two minute search with Google usually turns up a simple, elegant solution. Most of the time...but I found an exception to that: custom searches, in this case searching custom posts...

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