We can help you find the website features and options that are best for you. For example to limit cost you may choose a small (1-4 page) website describing your products and services and letting people get in touch. Larger organisations with more content will have more complex needs for site layout, organisation and on-line interaction with customers requiring more design and development time.

Whether you need a 30+ page website like Ara Roa Villa & Boutique Lodgings or a 5 page website like Calico Blue Catering we will do our best to make your website as good as it can be.


Buy with a single payment to cover your website development.  A very simple three page website can be as low as $1000 plus gst. Our most popular websites are usually priced in the range $2,500 to $4,500 plus gst. We have a low hosting fee of only $25 plus gst per calendar month.  To encourage you to keep your website updated the hosting fee includes up to 1/2 hour help from us, e.g. to answer questions or make text or image changes on your site.


We charge an hourly rate for our design work and if you contact us we will be happy to discuss your design project and give you a quote. We do a wide range of quality design, for example; business cards, rack cards, catalogues, adverts, posters and signage.